Monday, July 21, 2008

photo monday

I know-I know.....I hate spiders and you think I'm crazy for even taking this picture. But I just thought it was perfectly centered on this small hydrangea. Besides, it's more like a daddy longlegs than a scary spider. So that is my photo of the week for this week.
I spent another five hours or so cleaning out the studio yesterday and I am going back in today. I have found so many things that I had forgotten I had and I can't wait to use them...if I don't lose them after putting them away. Did I tell you that my studio is almost 600 square feet? Another reason it is taking me so long.
Happy Monday!

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debbie musick said...

600 sq. ft.? Wow! Now I am really jealous! I have a 10x10 room with absolutely no storage. So things have a tendancy to "pile up". When I do have a project to do, I usually have to do a little cleaning and stacking to find a starting place. But, then I know I am lucky to have a room just devoted to being creative. But 600 sq. ft. WOW!